Enterprise Center

NORBP owns and leases The Enterprise Center, a 120,000 square foot building resting on 40 acres of land. The building is comprised of 30,000 sq.ft. of office space on two even floors and 90,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space. The office has 28 offices, 2 conference rooms, and 3 bull pen areas. The warehouse has 24 ft. ceilings and 25 ft. beam spans. It houses two, double, concrete slabs to accommodate several forklifts and heavy industrial loads for heavy equipment.

The Enterprise Center previously incubated Folgers Coffee, Textron, and Meyers Warehouse (Domino Sugar) at below lease market value to encourage business growth. Ebb Tide Studio and Fox Production Studio are also past tenants. The Park's current tenant is Government Issue, LLC.

Income generated from leases is allocated toward Building Expenses, Organizational Expenses, and the 7,000 Acre Park's Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvements.

All of the property: warehouse, office, and land, is available for lease. Contact us or real estate brokerage, Nationwide Real Estate Corporation, at (504) 287-3832 for leasing information.