Board of Commissioners

Appointing Entity Title  Appointing Entity Name Commissioner Appointed
LA 2nd Congressional District Cedric Richmond Sharon Cannon
State Senator District 4 Jimmy Harris Dwight Barnes
State Senator District 3 Joseph Bouie Alicia Plummer
State Senator District 1 Sharron Hewitt Michael Hecht
Councilperson District E Cyndi Nguyen Bob Fudickar
Mayor of New Orleans VIET Chip Howat
Mayor of New Orleans ENONAC Greg Jefferson
Mayor of New Orleans Port of NOLA Christie Coates
Mayor of New Orleans AFL-CIO Todd James
State Representative District 99 Candace Newell Candace Newell
State Representative District 100 Jason Hughes Jason Hughes
State Representative District 103 Ray Garafolo Grant Goings


All Board of Commissioners meetings start at 5:45pm at Read Library on the first Thursday of each month at Read Library, 5641 Read Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70127.