Strategic Plan 2015-2020

In partnership with regional economic development agencies, The Park will strengthen it's park business owner outreach and participation in park infrastructure planning and implementation. The Park will guide property owner blight compliance, streetscape beautification, and public infrastructure improvements.

2015-2020 Strategic Park Programming Agency & Legislative Park Programming Partnership Proposal

A 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan in true coordination with Park Business Owners, the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOBA), Greater New Orleans, Inc., and Louisiana Economic Development (LED) is needed and has been requested from such agencies. A detailed strategic plan will assist in guiding prospective park site selection, site preparation, and marketing of all park infrastructure, capital, and social assets.


NORBP began implementing an achievable five year Work Plan that lists the fundamental focus needed to stabilize park management and provide key, foundational, infrastructure services. This work is dependent on Enterprise Center lease revenue AND either a renewed, lapsed millage tax on park property owners or external, public grant sources. Without additional funding from the millage or grant sources, NORBP will be unable to provide park programming and, at such time, will analyze a disposition strategy of assets to partner agencies.


Foremost, it is NORBP’s intent to aggressively fund the five Work Plan components listed on Page 2. In addition to marketing and leasing the Enterprise Center’s 90,000 s.f. warehouse at approximately $4.15 psf and the 30,000 s.f. of office space for $6-$12 psf, NORBP will inform the public of the advantages of having both of the following as a dedicated funding source for the business park:


  1. A 22.79 mills ad valorem tax for 10 years beginning in January 2016 on park property owners only that will generate $300,000 in annual revenue;
  2. A City/State Allocation of $300,000 for five years.

The below lists city funding or in-kind support that will strengthen park business owner outreach and participation in park infrastructure planning and implementation.  A diversity of public-private investment from increased Enterprise Center Lease Revenue, Millage Renewal, City/State Allocations will sustain The Park’s ability to adequately address property owner blight compliance, streetscape beautification, and public infrastructure improvements.


These investments will also support Enterprise Center operations to continue allowing the 120,000 s.f. building to lease at below market value rates to incubate new and/or expanding industry in our region. Lease revenue will also be leveraged to fund matching grant infrastructure planning and improvement opportunities with the Economic Development Administration, Department of Transportation, or other federal agencies.


Park Programming Partnership Proposal

1. $210,000 Inter-Agency Staff: (City Grant Allocation)

Staff could either be hired through a new city budget allocation, transferred from existing agency allocations, or with state/foundational support.

  • Hire an Executive Director that reports to NORBP AND NOBA/GNO, Inc. This candidate would guide: Business Owner Park Planning Participation, Agency Partnership Development, Strategic Planning Alignment, Enterprise Center/Park Marketing
  • Hire Enterprise Center Office Manager & 2 Park Engineers

2. $240,000 Park Programming/Infastructure: (Millage $300K OR City Grant $90K)

With renewal of the millage, approximately $300,000 would be invested annually in park infastructure. The city grant would not be needed at this time.

  • Supplement City Parks/Parkways Grass Cutting, Debris Removal Monthly, Blight Eradication
  • New NORBP/NASA/PORT designation signage on Chef Hwy., I-10/5-10 Signage
  • New Landscaping & Maintenance at entryways and major corridors (Chef Hwy., Michoud Blvd., Read Blvd., and I-10/5-10 exit)

3. $600,000 Enterprise Center Capital Building Grant: (1 time)

  • Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, Exterior Treatments
  • Attract leases that either are or have potential to grow to million dollar business (Past tenants- Chevron, Folgers, Meyers Trucking)

NORBP Total Budget Review With & Without Millage Funding & Enterprise Center Leases

2015 2014 2013 2011
$135,000 $384,679 $320,910 $563,684
$199,350 (Potential)     (With Millage)

The Park’s Programming Budget

2015 2014
$Not Funded Corridor Maintenance (Partner - City Dept. of Sanitation)
$Not Funded Park Marketing (Partnership Needed)
$135,000 Enterprise Center Operations (Partnership Needed)