Major Streets - Public Improvement Concepts

The following link provides access to NORBP Public Improvement Concept Renderings.

NORBP Public Improvement Concept Renderings (DropBox)

The Renderings include map concepts to describe NORBP's interest in beautifying The Park's major thoroughfares and key intersections.

The I-10 and 5-10 interstate is shown as a place to construct an ICONIC entrance. This intersection is very large, so the rendering provides a design that incorporates a significant tree design layout, iconic signage, lily flower landscaping, and water retention ponds with sprinklers.

The secondary streets are shown to have increased landscaping with smaller signage.

These renderings are for discussion purposes with park businesses, city/state development agencies, and neighborhood associations. These slides should assist the businesses in the New Orleans Regional Business Park with saying more than "We want The Park cleaner and more attractive." We are now planning to implement a more attractive NORBP.